"The year is 14200 and the last known human population has found itself far from Earth, it's original home. The planet had long ago become hostile to life and all of its precious resources had been squandered through ignorance and greed. The last hope for survival was to travel to far-away star systems in search of inhabitable planets; but none we ever found. Instead, the human race now eeks out an existence by harvesting the gases and debris from dusty nebulae and fading stars. But as the ever-resilient race begins to flourish once again, the inevitable threat of war looms over the cosmos."

Monday, December 19, 2011

Looting An Asteroid

Following on from mining an asteroid we now have looting the asteroid! After a blast with your mining laser, the surface of an asteroid breaks up and debris separates away. At the moment collision with the debris simply removes it from the game, but eventually it'll be scooped into your cargo bay (showing in your inventory) either to be sold on the market, or processed to get metal ore.

For those who asked: yes, there will be a single player game (which is basically how I test everything). Also, the alpha release will be single player only and will only be demonstrating game mechanics as set out in my original To Do list.

Also, I know some of my placeholder graphics are very sucky. I'm not an artist, just a nerdy programmer.


  1. That actually looks a lot like the project I'm working on!

  2. Great minds think alike I guess!

    I checked out your blog and while we're both obviously keen on the space trader genre, I'm hoping my mash-up of retro 2D, space trading and RPG style combat system will give me a unique game.

    I'll be your project watching closely!

  3. I definitely think we'll have differences, so I would keep working on your stuff! :)